How to Have Curb Appeal in the Dead of Winter

By January 27, 2020 No Comments

Here are some inexpensive tips to help add curb appeal to your home—even in winter!

The exterior leaves the first and final impression as buyers enter and exit your home, so be sure to spend equal amounts of time cleaning the interior and exterior.


  • Try potted plants on the porch to make the entryway inviting
  • Consider re-painting or staining the front door
  • Have clear, easy-to-read house numbers
  • Add some solar lights to highlight the path to your front door


  • Rake the yard of remaining dead leaves and trim all hedges
  • Be sure to shovel all sidewalks and driveways of snow
  • Make sure the outside of your house is orderly (meaning no kids toys, yard supplies, or other clutter)
  • Replace old porch and garage lightbulbs

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