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Team Spotlight: Q & A with Russ!

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Give a warm welcome to one of the newest members of our BSW Real Estate family, Russell Gellman! We are so excited for him to join the BSW family.

Russell Gellman

Where are you from?
A small town outside of Dallas called Coppell, Texas.

What do you like most about Denver?
I absolutely love the active lifestyle that people in Denver live.

What did you do before you worked in real estate?
I worked for Dell for almost 6 years. I spent a few years in Corporate Finance and then transitioned into a role as the Financial Consumption Specialist for Dell’s largest 50 customers in Colorado. Throughout that time, I was doing real estate investing on the side, which is where my passion for real estate grew from.

What are you passionate about right now in your business?
Buying a house is one of the biggest and most important decisions that people will make in their life. I really enjoy helping people make great decisions that are going to help them build wealth for years to come.

What has been the most rewarding part of working for BSW Real Estate?
BSW is always hosting training classes that help its agents continue to learn and grow. I love working for a brokerage where no one is complacent, and everyone is always trying to add more value for clients.

What is your favorite part of being in real estate?
I love being able to run my own business and make my own decisions.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?
I love real estate investing and learning about new niches within the industry. I also love playing with my puppy and everything outdoors, especially snowboarding and soccer.

What is your favorite restaurant in Denver?
It definitely has to be US Thai near Sloan’s Lake.

What’s one thing about you that many people may not know?
I love ice cream! So much so that I am a member of the Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club. This is a very exclusive club that keeps you up to date on the Blizzard of the Month and all other important Blizzard-related items.

Why should people work with BSW Real Estate?
People should work with whichever Realtor® they believe is going to do the best job for them. To me, that boils down to two things. First, you have to be able to trust that your real estate agent is looking out for YOUR needs, not their own. Second, your Realtor® should be able to take your goals–and through their knowledge of the market–advise you through the process so that you end up with the result that best meets YOUR needs, even if that doesn’t involve buying or selling a house at all. I think that BSW has a culture that promotes both of these. However, at the end of the day, you should work with the Realtor® that best checks these boxes, whether that’s a BSW agent or not.

If you would like to learn even more about Russell, take a look at his full bio (Click here!).

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