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Team Spotlight: Q&A with Ally!

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For this #TeamSpotlightTuesday, we’re celebrating our lovely Transaction Coordinator and Director of Audit & Communications, Ally! She does SO MUCH for us, and we’re so grateful for her!

Allyson Hayden

Where are you from?
Lyndeborough, New Hampshire

What do you like most about Denver?
Easy mountain/nature access coupled with the conveniences of the city

What did you do before you were in Real Estate?
I was a portrait photographer and managed a photo studio. I switched to Real Estate because I wanted the opportunity for growth within my career, and I am definitely enjoying that! I still do photography on the side, but it’s a lot more fun for me now that it’s a hobby.

What are you passionate about right now in your business?
Details! In addition to being an agent, I work in the office full time as a Transaction Coordinator. I just love knowing that everything is completed and in place. What can I say? I’m a nerd, and TC’ing is a natural fit for me.

What has been the most rewarding part of working for BSW Real Estate?
The most rewarding part of working for BSW has been watching us grow from 4 people (when I joined) to the 32 that we are now. I’m so happy to see how we have expanded our services for both our agents and our clients. It’s been a wild ride these last few years, and we have worked so hard to get to where we are today.

What is your favorite part of being in real estate?
My favorite part about Real Estate is helping people achieve their dreams, sometimes their wildest dreams! There’s nothing better than a happy client.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?
I’m currently spending a lot of time renovating my house that I just purchased. I love spending time in nature–from hot springs to climbing mountains to off roading. If I’m not doing one of those activities or working, I’m probably playing volleyball, taking photos, at a rock concert, or on vacation.

What is your favorite restaurant in Denver?
Asian Cajun. Definitely go try it! I also am continually shocked at how much I love Snarf’s. And then there’s Tuk Tuk Thai… so many great options!

What’s one thing about you that many people may not know?
I’m really REALLY good at finding four leaf clovers. And I almost always have a few extra laminated four leaf clovers in my wallet so I can share the luck anytime!

If you would like to learn even more about Ally, take a look at her full bio.

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