The 3 Easy Wildflower Hikes We Can’t Stop Raving About

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Spring is here and summer isn’t too far off. It’s about time we dust off our warm weather outfits and gather the hiking gear! Looking for a few new places to start your trek? If you love wildflowers and prefer a low-key hike, look no further! We’ve got 3 lovely ones that show off Colorado’s best during the spring and summer.

If you’re looking for a place that’s close to Denver, is gorgeous, and is also available for hikers of all backgrounds, then look no further than Chautauqua Meadow! It’s close to Boulder and is absolutely vibrant during the spring. It’s .6 miles and fairly short, however, it is mostly uphill. Even though it’s the shortest hike on our list, there are a couple of spots to stop along the way for photo ops and for those who may be visiting for the first time. Our insider suggestion: Show up early if you’re visiting on a weekend, parking spots tend to fill up quickly!
The next park that we find intriguing is Deer Creek Canyon Loop. Located outside of Littleton with a length of 2.7 miles, it’s still an easier hike but provides a great opportunity to see the beauty of Colorado as well as the wildlife. There are plenty of trails you can check out and it’s dog-friendly! The Meadowlark section of the trail is a popular one, but we recommend any of them. You may also catch a peak of some of the natural red rocks Colorado offers. Either way, definitely bring a camera!
Our third and final hike is West Pawnee Butte. This is the longest of the three, being about 3.5 miles in the outskirts of Grover, Colorado. While there is plenty of grass, flowers, and shrubbery around, you can’t miss the butte. It’s a neat, wide open part of Colorado landscape that is interesting to see. Definitely bring water (and sunscreen) if you’re planning to be out and about for a while, it’s not as shady as the other two. Many people tend to overlook the eastern part of the state, but the buttes remind us to give it special attention! It’s much quieter and remote of a hike so it tends to be less busy. The buttes are closed through June 30th to allow the raptors to nest, but there is plenty of wildlife in the area to make it more than worth your while!
We hope that this spring brings the best weather. There’s nothing like the great outdoors and we hope that these three hikes are some that you come to love, too. Be sure to keep your eye out for some Blue Flax or Sand Lillies! Take your kids, grab a buddy, or your furry friend and go see what makes Colorado the greatest state in the U.S.

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