3 Rafting Adventures in Colorado You’d Be Crazy To Miss

By August 2, 2018 September 19th, 2019 No Comments

We love being outside and this summer has been perfect! If you like the outdoors, it’s time you go white water rafting! There are a ton of places in Colorado and we’ve picked our 3 favorite spots.

Don’t worry if you haven’t ever gone before, white water rafting is for everybody. Grab your friends and pack some dry clothes, it’s time we dive into our list!
First up is the Yampa River. It’s one of the last free-flowing rivers in Colorado, so there aren’t any big diversions or dams to block the river. It’s a fan-favorite of whitewater rafters nationwide. There’s a neat tour through the Dinosaur National Monument that we all love. Why not add a little history with the adrenaline? You’ll get to see 700-year-old petroglyphs as well as old pioneer sites. It’s certainly a unique rafting experience!
Our second tends to be for the more advanced Coloradans. Although there are areas for beginners, this is the place to be if you’re ready to kick it up a notch. The Gunnison River starts in Almont, CO. Located in western Colorado, it’s also a part of the National Conservation Area and has endless gorgeous sites. The river ends in Hotchkiss, Colorado and from top to bottom is filled with foaming rapids in between!

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