Marci Gustafson


Marci grew up in Arvada before spending her adolescent years in the mountains of Coal Creek Canyon, nestled between Boulder and Golden. Being a native has given her a vast appreciation of the beauty and wonders Colorado has to offer.

Upon graduation Marci spent her early years as a manager of a local hair salon allowing her flexibility when her children were too young for school. Looking for a sense of normalcy once her children were older Marci sought work with a temporary employment agency in 1998 and that is where her real estate career began. Learning the processes and procedures was a whirlwind time. When Marci started at First American Heritage Title, it was at a time of an insane refinance boom as they call it. Being extremely busy and the office crammed with others just like her for the first 6 months with FAHTCO was spent at a picnic table in the only corner they had left in the office. 10 years later as the market had begun to shift, there were layoffs and terminations in masses. Marci decided at that point that she needed to shift with the market thus beginning her career a licensed broker.

As with all down markets you find yourself looking for ways to keep yourself busy even if it is not always what the initial intention was. Marci was able to find a place in title after a few years as a “starving broker” while the market recovered from its downhill race. Four years ago Marci partnered with an agent as his licensed assistant adding years and real-life experience of real estate transaction dos and don’ts to her professional resume. Feeling a need to be a servicer and dependable resource to everyone she knows and meets Marci decided to join BSW Real Estate. Whom after very careful consideration will offer the most support and is in line with her desire to be the best she can be personally and professionally.

Marci made an overwhelming move simple. She patiently took us to several houses, and developed an understanding for what we were looking for as a family. We also truly appreciated her knowledge of the areas surrounding Denver, as we recently moved to the area. Marci was able to answer all of our questions and even negotiate an amazing price for our home. Not only is Marci incredible to work with, but the rest of the BSW is truly the entire package. Marci and the other team members at BSW made us feel like we had multiple realtors on our side and looking out for our best interests.


Marci is amazing. My husband and I were looking for our perfect home but because of the seller’s market, we felt discouraged. We wanted to sell but did not want to be homeless if we didn’t find a home. I first noticed how proactive and prompt she was. She sold our home the first weekend it went on the market, and when we looked for homes, we would tour them the same day they were listed. She took us to to so many houses, and she never got discouraged. She would cheer us up. She would also check the comps before we would submit an offer, so we knew it was a fair price.

Towards the end, she knew what we wanted better than we did, and because of her we have a beautiful family home. A home that we got under asking price with no ridiculous clauses, and in a short timeframe. The entire process of buying and selling occurred within a month.