Guide to Denver Restaurant Week 2017 Eateries and Menus

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The menus and restaurants have been announced for this year’s Denver Restaurant Week. While bringing many of the same awesome features, they are mixing it up again this year with their price points.

Their lowest price point is a bargain at $25. Going up, there are two more price points at $35 and $45. These prices are down compared to the previous year! The great thing about this is it allows you to get the experience that you want. You choose based on the meals and the experiences that you want.
The event will last 10 days and there are around 250 restaurants participating. How does it work? Visit Denver has a list of all participating restaurants for you to browse on price point, cuisine, or location. You can easily view the menus for each restaurant to decide what you want. Once you’ve made a decision on where, either give them a call or use the website to make a reservation.
Checking out the menus is the best first steps to know who is offering what. With so many options and only 10 days to try them, having a plan is fail-proof. Because of all these options, it’s a given that Denver Restaurant Week will be a little crazy! Making reservations for the restaurants you want is the best way to ensure you’ve got a place. You’ll be one of many people trying to enjoy the delicious flavors, so if you’re not going to use a reservation then call and cancel.
As reservations are important, so is flexibility. Remember that others are doing the same as you, and try to be more flexible on when you want to eat. Try times a little earlier or later for seating. If the spot you’ve got your eye on is too busy one day, instead try a new restaurant or adjust your availability.
One note to make is that Denver Restaurant Week isn’t just all about food, it’s about drink too! Many menus have affordable drink options, from wine to cocktails. If you’re feeling something sweet, take a glance at the dessert options. With the new price points this year, it makes splurging on yourself that much easier since it’s such a deal.
No matter what restaurants you decide to try during this year’s event, it’s safe to say that you’ll get your money’s worth. The new price points make it easier for anyone to enjoy the tastings and flavors of Denver Restaurant Week.

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