Dillon Larson


Originally from Utah, Dillon graduated from Utah State University with a BS degree in Environmental Studies. After college, he spent several years as a wildland firefighter, completing 30 operational helicopter rappels. This work instilled in him the importance of discipline, hard work, and attention to detail, which are the fundamental principles of his professional career. He then turned his attention to environmental conservation and worked for several non-profits.

After years of focusing primarily on residential real estate investing, Dillon decided to join BSW Real Estate. He brings a strong background in real estate to the team. As co-owner of DJ&TJ Rentals (a real estate investment and consulting company), he has developed a well-rounded perspective of the buying and selling process. This experience allows Dillon to help clients understand and enjoy the process, as well as realize their short and long-term goals in the real estate market. Dillon has been recognized by the Denver Metro Association of Realtors as a top producer and has been featured in magazines such as Voyage Denver.

When he isn’t working, Dillon enjoys backpacking, rappelling, golfing and playing basketball. He married his beautiful wife Amanda in Zion National Park in spectacular fashion, rappelling down a hundred-foot cliff to the wedding. Dillon and Amanda own a horse named Dane, aka ‘Puff’, who Amanda competes with on the hunter/jumper circuit. They are also rarely without their beautiful Doberman, Shady.

Being my first home purchase, I was pretty nervous going into it, especially not knowing how this would turn out. I was introduced to Dillon, and this guy instantly put me at ease. He knew so much about the local market, it was like he had been doing this for 20 years. I had a ton of questions, so naturally I called him 10 times a day (which would annoy anyone), but not this dude. Every time he picked up the phone, all I could think is "this guy really wants to help me." I had heard so many horror stories, and he honestly put them to shame. We had some tough breaks through the process, and he kept positive through all of it. I will be using this guy on my next home and now refer him to anyone I know that is in the market for a home/rental.


Dillon is a great real estate agent and advocate. I never got the sense he was trying to get me to buy a house; he was more of an asset in my home buying “arsenal” in the crazy world home-buying can be. He was extremely knowledgeable about the market and was open about his opinions on market value, home condition, pricing, etc.

When we found a house we were absolutely in love with, we were prepared to make a very generous offer over asking. The fact that he said he felt we might be going in a bit too aggressively, and had the market value based on comps he ran, we decided to come in a bit less than originally. He wanted us to get a fair price first and foremost, and avoid the whole “buyers remorse” that you hear about. It is that kind of advice that tells you Dillon is not working for the next commission but is working for what is best for you. Something I always haven’t felt with other agents.

Dillon was available when I texted or called him pretty much instantaneously, even on the weekend and late into evenings. He is the kind of person you want on your side when you are making the largest financial purchase of your life. I am seriously grateful for him!!