Team Spotlight: Madison Kissel

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It’s time for another BSW Group Team Spotlight! This time around, we’re getting to know Madison Kissel, an awesome REALTOR and wonderful addition to our team! So settle in and get comfortable. You’re in for a great story!
Madison was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. She then lived in Orlando, Florida for six years to attend the University of Central Florida. In 2013, she made her way here to Colorado. If you ask her what her favorite thing about Denver is, she’ll tell you one thing: the mountains! “I have always been in love with nature, trees, snow, fresh air, and mountain scenery, so Denver combines that with this awesome urban city life. In the city itself, I adore Denver’s history, architecture, and charm.”
The best part of being a REALTOR for her is the relationships and connections. “I have met some amazing people and had the opportunity to have them as my clients. I love helping people through a sometimes stressful, overwhelming, and intimate time of their life. I love making a difference for them and helping them through that.” She has faced her challenges though, too. Like most REALTORS we know, Madison struggles to master the work/life balance. (Not sure we have any good advice for this…)
When she is actually taking a break from work, you can find Madison doing anything outside like hiking, snowboarding, or rock climbing, or partaking in the Denver Foodie scene and trying as many new foods and restaurants as she can. Although, she does have a favorite Denver restaurant if she HAD to pick. “I’d have to say Machete’s. Give me margs, tacos, and guacamole – and I’m set.” We’d have to agree with her!
Madison fits right into the BSW Group culture because she is all about the team! “I adore my team! I can’t say it enough. They make me better every day and push me on a professional and personal level. And I am so very thankful for all of them.”
When we asked Madison why people should work with the BSW Group, she hit the nail on the head. “Because we genuinely care about our people. We put their interests ahead of our own and want them to find the right home for them. We don’t push, we don’t sell. We follow up, we do what we say we are going to do, we give back to our community. We are just there for them, open and honest – adding value and being a service to them – hopefully for life.”
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Madison. Thanks for being part of the BSW Group team! We love having you, and we hope all of our readers enjoyed getting to know Madison Kissel!

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