Know Before the Snow!

By January 15, 2020 No Comments

Snow Ordinances Across the Denver Metro

Whether new to the area, or a long-time Colorado native, it’s important to stay updated on your local area’s rules for snow-shoveling. Fines in some areas can be $150 for uncleared sidewalks on the first offense and increase to $500 for a second offense.

Typically, residents have 24 hours and businesses have 4 hours until the snow stops falling to clear all sidewalks adjacent to their property or business.

Tips to help with snow removal:

  • Don’t let the snow accumulate too much–keep an eye on precipitation levels
  • Try using an ice-melting product to quicken the process and help prevent snow turning to ice later on
  • Don’t throw the snow over your back, as this can stress your back

Do you need help with shoveling or know a neighbor who does? Check out the Denver Snow Angels program, which helps with snow removal for those who are physically unable.

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