7 Ways to Use your Outdoor Space More

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Have you been meaning to spruce up your backyard or front patio for months now? It’s not too late! The upcoming months of fall are the perfect temperature for grilling, watching the sunset, or carving pumpkins. All without the pesky bugs of mid-summer! Use these ideas to help you finally transform your outdoor space into an oasis you’ll never want to leave.

Make the space extra comfortable
I’m sure your living room is the epitome of comfort, including: soft fabrics, throw blankets, extra pillows, you get the idea. Your outdoor space needs to be just as cozy. The technology that now exists for outdoor textiles has helped to create super soft fabrics that can still withstand a downpour. There should be no need to put on shoes to enter your new outdoor space. Find a great outdoor rug so your feet are just as comfortable outside as they are inside.
Create an electronic friendly space
Let’s face it, we need our phones, computers, and tablets by our sides at all times. Since this isn’t about to change any time soon, prepare your outdoor area so you can continue to text, type, and Facebook away. If your signal fades outdoors, you can easily install a wireless outdoor Wifi antenna to provide an extra boost. Continue the relaxation and invest in some wireless speakers to set the mood. Also, I know you are wondering if you can install a TV outside too. The answer is yes, all-weather outdoor TVs exist, and they are wonderful.
Blur the line between indoors and out 
Now this tip isn’t as easy or affordable as the previous recommendations. Creating a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors can truly make your home a showstopper and is ultra effective in enhancing your enjoyment outside. The best solution is to replace a standard door with sliding glass or French doors. Another great option is to continue the same weather resistant flooring inside as well as out, such as, stone tile or scored concrete.
Light up the space
Now that the sun is setting earlier, installing several lights in your outdoor space will ensure you will still be able to dine al fresco. There are a variety of options to light up your space, including: adding sconces or pendant lighting, illuminating walkways, rails, and steps, or hanging string lights.
Make the space your own
To truly feel comfortable and enjoy your outdoor space you will need to add touches of your family’s personality. You can easily do this by adding personal decor that makes you happy and feel at home. Other options could be adding a firepit or creating a garden with your favorite vegetables or flowers.
Create something fun for the kids
If your kids don’t want to be outside, then you may never find yourself out there either. Find something for them to enjoy while you sit back and relax. An obvious option would be a small playground or swing set. But the choices are endless. For example, a fun chalkboard fence or a themed playhouse.
Protect your new space
Now that you’ve created the outdoor space of your dreams, you will need to protect it from the elements. This is especially important if you will be installing anything electronic from our second tip. Some options are to install an awning, canopy, or pergola. This will ensure you and your electronics will stay dry and shaded.

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