Make Your Home Feel Like a Permanent Vacation

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Dreaming of a swanky interior design plan that will make your home feel like paradise year-round? When you think about the things you want surrounding you in your most sacred space; the idea is to choose items that catalyze creativity, entertainment, and overall comfort. While some people don’t mind a bit of clutter, others need an absolutely immaculate space to wake up to daily. No matter the preference, creating your ideal space really does speak to the old adage, ‘a little goes a long way’– and sometimes less truly is more. We relate to people on both sides of tidiness, so if you’re looking for some inspo to make your living space feel like a permanent vacation, read on!

  • Color Schemes

    • Consider the coastal vacations that you’ve taken over time — what do you recall about your resort? One of the most consistent themes is that of light pallet selections and white furnishings. It’s not that designers lack the artistic vision to play with color, but these elements allow the views and scenery to speak for themselves. When the natural light pours in, it effortlessly compliments the room in a way that’s light and breezy. When selecting accents, use monochromic color pillows and white curtains to recreate that coastal getaway right at home!
  • Picking your Plants

    • Diligence in this little action can pack a powerful punch when decorating any living space. Depending on the aesthetic that you’re trying to achieve, you can experiment with different plant varieties to find out which works best for you. For a consistent theme, try to choose plants that would naturally be found in the same region. Finally, elevate your plant display by placing them in wicker baskets inside and out (weather permitting) for a completely organic look.
  • Fall for your Floors

    • Despite your daily vacuum routine, darker floors make dust, dander, and dog hair incredibly visible. If you want to open up your living space, use lighter floor coverings. They make those wicker basket plants burst with color in a way that’s warm and inviting. Another great way to warm up wood floors is by using large rugs. They are super easy to swap out and you can get pretty creative with different patterns throughout your home!
  • Your Favorite Furniture

    • It’s one thing to follow the trends, but when you select pieces that speak to you and your personality, the overall interior look will come together in a way that’s kind of unexpected. Do a bit of searching online to find some artisan-style furniture as a starting point. Places like West Elm, Restoration Hardware, Anthropologie and even Target have unique and affordable artisan collections to choose from.
  • Art & Decor

    • These are the finishing touches that will bring your concept to life! If you’re going for that coastal feel, consider thoughtfully placing blue and green sea glass throughout the home to bring those tropical colors inside. For more of a rustic mountainous look, use sculptured wooden or metal lamps and wall sconces.

Interior design themes can make a big difference in your overall happiness at home. With the hustle and bustle of the day to day, you deserve a beautiful place to retreat and rejuvenate. Start small and let your ideal destination lead you on a decorating discovery.

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