How to Best Decorate with Houseplants

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Obviously, it can be tough to keep your outside garden full and green in this weather. However, adding an indoor garden is much easier than you may think! There are so many ways to liven up your indoor space with greenery and houseplants and here are some of the best ways to do so.

bernard-hermant-580888-unsplashStart with Succulents
Succulents and mini cacti are like intricate sculptures to decorate your home with. Mix and match pointy, round, shiny, and matte plants to add some variety and place them in a white pot to let their colors pop. Line them up in your windowsill for an interesting assemblage. All they need is direct light and occasional waterings!

Place a Fig Tree in the Living Room
Fill that empty corner of your living room with a tall, towering fig tree! The large and leathery leaves of a fiddle-leaf fig can add great color and style to any room. Find a beautiful ceramic pot to place it in and you’re all set. A fig tree is perfect for the winter as it does not need too much sun and harsh sunlight can be harmful. Just be sure to let the top inch of soil dry out before watering thoroughly!

mutzii-1057982-unsplashKeep an Orchid in the Bathroom
Orchids are humidity-hungry plants, so what’s a better spot to have them than in a steam-filled bathroom! They can often be difficult to keep hydrated but with more steamy showers you might take in the winter, the plants should get plenty of humidity. To help trap the moisture, set the pot in gravel in a low glass cylinder and as the water evaporates it will be caught by the glass and reabsorbed by the plant. After a long day of skiing, draw a warm bath, pour a glass of wine, and take in the beautiful blossoming orchid!

Green Your Bedroom or Office with Ferns
Ferns only need indirect light along with water, which means they’re perfect for your bedside table or desk, in any season! You would be surprised at how a full, leafy fern will transform your neutral office or bedroom into a natural oasis. Find a nice matte pot to place them in and just make sure to trim the stray fronds!

Houseplants are a great way to keep an indoor garden in your home while the weather outside is frightful. All it takes are a few succulents, ferns, or an orchid plant and your home will emanate beautiful greenery and give you more energy during the dreary winter months. Let us know what some of your favorite houseplants to decorate with are and send in a photo of how you’re bringing the garden indoors this season!

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