Housewarming Gifts People Actually Want

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When one of your friends or family members moves into a new home, it’s a very exciting time for many reasons. After all people do throw housewarming parties as a way to christen their new space with cherished items from their loved ones. That being said, have you ever found yourself stuck on what to actually bring the host for their party? We certainly have. Indeed it’s a head-scratcher, but if you’re thinking of re-gifting that old ceramic figurine you received last holiday, you can probably do a little bit better. (Wink) If this is you, keep reading and use the tips as a gift-giving guide when shopping for a housewarming present that someone will actually want, and most importantly enjoy.

  • Plush Accessories and Useful Decor

    • You can almost never go wrong with a plush throw, rug, robe or pillow. These items are cozy, easy to store and can be enjoyed all year round. Not to mention they are pretty inexpensive and the one-size-fits-all element eliminates any guessing games. If you select one plush accessory or an entire set to gift, we think it’s safe to say that it will definitely bring a smile to anyone’s face. The biggest struggle will be which color to pick, so think neutral! There are also tons of other gifts that are minimal yet handy and can be used almost daily. For example, Etsy soap dispensers, tiny desk calendars, geometric bookends, adorable fridge refreshers, absorbent coasters, dip bowls, etc.
  • Legendary Appliances

    • If you made a list of the appliances that you couldn’t live without, what would they be? Everyone is different but this is a great place to start. Whether your friends are die-hard coffee drinkers or avid toast makers, you know the things they like. So, when you’re strolling down the department store aisles debating what to buy them, simply think of the items that they would get the most use from. Some common examples are coffee grinders, novel tea set, immersion blender, waffle maker, stand mixer etc.

When you shop in thought and with purpose, gift-giving feels SO good. Take a glimpse at the how, what and why of the items you are considering, and ask yourself if it’s something you would like to give a place in your new home. It may seem difficult at first, but when you know that your purchase will be appreciated long after the housewarming party is over, it will make the final choice a piece of cake.

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