Fall Design Trends

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Yes, it’s officially fall! While the sultry days of summer are behind us, we’re looking forward to sweater weather and the pumpkin spiced lattes. If you’ve been in a retail store lately, it’s almost impossible to pass up the fall decor because let’s face it, when you are looking to enjoy autumn with your family, you want your Colorado home to look and smell like a “Cozy October” candle. If you’re looking for some inspo to bring autumn inside, read on for some fall design tips!

  • Accents, Slipcovers & Sheepskin

    • When paired with subtle formal touches, the casual contemporary look is striking and unique. Paint one accent wall in your home to match the Colorado season. Keep things fresh and consistent by changing out slip covers with autumn hues. Sheepskin is also easy, affordable and transformative. Instead of using it as a rug, drape it over an oversized chair for a cozy, inviting touch. This texture is especially desirable in the chilly months, and creates the ideal nook to read and sip hot tea. If you’re like us, you can appreciate the idea of coming home after a long cold day, and relaxing with a great book in your favorite room.
  • Outdoors & Decor

    • Have you ever arrived at someone’s house for a visit to find an impressive arrangement that greets you at the front door? In these cases, it’s fun to see just how creative homeowners get. Although a display complete with hay bales may be a bit much for most Denver homeowners; pumpkins of different shapes and sizes as well as, colorful lights and tasteful fall wreaths are a minimal outdoor alternative. You can also extend the fall living space by investing in a backyard fire pit. For a decidedly sophisticated aesthetic once you retreat back inside, strategically place burgundy colored leaves and plants throughout the home.

While we strive to make our homes to look and feel beautiful year-round, the month of October is really when the seasonal decorating ramps up. From Halloween to the holidays, trendy decor is everywhere in Colorado. Depending on how much time you have to spend on a decorating project, you can make something extravagant or more minimal for an equally pleasant impression. To seamlessly make the switch, consider these tips and share your favorite fall design ideas with us!

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