Cliff Manley


Cliff grew up in Kansas and moved to Colorado in 1998. Over the last 20 years, Cliff has lived all over Colorado—from Steamboat Springs to Golden to Denver—and he has a vast and expansive knowledge of Colorado to match!

Cliff graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Minor in Marketing. Prior to his career in real estate, he established a successful personal training business at his home studio in City Park where he has been training people for over 8 years. Cliff has worked with a wide range of clientele and understands how to deliver exemplary personal attention to his clients. Cliff’s experiences in customer service and client satisfaction have proved invaluable throughout his transition into real estate.

Cliff has a vast knowledge of properties from the inside out, personally completing and profiting from several successful home remodels. His understanding of what a home purchase or sale has in store allows him to assist clients through the process, while also making it fun and effortless.

In his free time, Cliff enjoys his kettlebells, snowboarding, hiking, being with friends, and spending time with his wife (Molly) and 1-year old son (Ronin). If it involves anything outdoors, Cliff is first in line!

We had a great experience with BSW Real Estate--from the initial property search to the closing. We really enjoyed working with our real estate agent, Cliff Manley, who took the time to find us the right home in the right location at the right price. We bought in a very tough market, but Cliff helped us maneuver through, what could’ve been, an unpleasant buying experience due to the seller. We never felt pressure and felt the whole BSW team were responsive to our needs. It was a very easy closing and a pleasure to work with Cliff and BSW!


I have known Cliff Manley since November 2018. I met him when I bought a condo in Denver. This was my first real estate transaction. I was 58 years old and had been diagnosed with cancer about a year and a half prior. My health was not the greatest at the time. I was also nervous about buying real estate for the first time but determined to get into the market before becoming a real estate owner was going to elude me in the Denver area due to price.
Cliff was wonderful from the beginning. He held my hand through every transaction telling me what we were going to need to do, when things were due, and a number of times he showed up for me and made sure that things were done when I was feeling too ill to do it myself.
Cliff also did a number of things around the condo for me and would not it let me pay him. He fixed a drain, put up blinds, got my keys for the house and mailbox, signed a will, and was there for a number of other things.
To this day, I can text him with any questions, and he responds quickly. I have been thinking about putting the condo up for sale and moving where my daughter lives, and he has always been right on it telling me what the market will bring at that time, is ready to put it up for sale, and gets it taken care of quickly.
I highly recommend Cliff as a real estate agent. Whether you have experience with buying or are new to this experience, he will make sure that everything is handled in an efficient, organized, and timely manner. You will also make a new friend. Please do not hesitate to call him......he is knowledgeable about the real estate market in Denver, about real estate in general, will get you the best deal that he can. You will sleep well at night knowing that things are being taken care of and that you will soon be in your new house.