Why You Should Buy a Home in Denver this Summer

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The Denver real estate market has already started to heat up and we’re looking toward a booming June through August, with already almost 40 percent more inventory now than this time last year. While there’s lots of talk about how the higher inventory calls for higher prices and a seller’s market, there are several ways to take advantage of our competitive Denver market as a buyer.

  • Wider Selection of Homes

    • A large amount of inventory is a buyer’s best friend. The wider selection of homes could possibly be the only reason you should buy your next home during the summer. Inventory always peaks in June and July giving you the opportunity to see a wider variety of homes, and have more open options when it comes to features and location. A common myth countering the benefit of a larger inventory is that prices will skyrocket, but that’s not the case!
  • Higher Prices Can Give You an Advantage

    • While it is true that home prices peak in the summer months or in “seller’s markets”, there are many advantages for buyers. Besides the summer sun, there are several factors that affect housing prices such as, similar nearby homes also for sale, interest rates, and the job market. As a buyer in our competitive Denver market, the high inventory will give you more leverage for price negotiation, knowing that if you have to walk to away, another home just as nice could be just down the road.
  • School’s Out!

    • If you’re a parent you may already know this, but summer is the ideal time to buy a new home if you have kids in school. By buying a new home in the summer you can avoid disrupting your child’s schedule with school and even take them along for showings. After all, as the parents on our team can attest to, you should get the approval from all family members before securing your dream home!

Don’t hesitate and take advantage of the hot Denver market and weather this summer. Contact BSW today and any one of our agents will help you masterfully navigate the competition and find your new home in no time and without breaking the bank.

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