3 Rafting Adventures in Colorado You’d Be Crazy To Miss

We love being outside and this summer has been perfect! If you like the outdoors, it's time you go white water rafting! There are a ton of places in Colorado and we've picked our 3 favorite spots. Don't worry if you haven't ever gone before, white water rafting is for everybody. Grab your friends and pack some dry clothes, it's…

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Qualify Yourself: A First Time Buyer’s Look At Applying for a Mortgage

Buying a home is one is the biggest steps a person can take financially. It truly is one of the most important purchases that someone, or a couple, can make. While we’d wish it was all about finding the house with the most curb appeal, the reality is that the stress caused by purchasing a home is manifested in finances. So,…

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The Best Coloradan Lakes to Cool Off This Summer

Ah, summertime! The kids are out of school and families are looking for places to keep cool. Summer is one of the best seasons to visit Colorado (or see new towns if you’re a native!) Grab your sunscreen and floaties, Colorado! We’ve chatted and compiled a list of some of our favorite lakes the Centennial State has to offer. Cherry…

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