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Team Spotlight – Q & A with Karen & Jon!

Karen Dorfman Where are you from? Born and raised in Colorado! What do you like most about Denver? I love the way Denver can cater to anyone and everyone. No matter your background, where you come from, or what you like, there is a spot for each individual, whether it be an upscale restaurant, a small dive bar, a local…

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How to Best Decorate with Houseplants

Obviously, it can be tough to keep your outside garden full and green in this weather. However, adding an indoor garden is much easier than you may think! There are so many ways to liven up your indoor space with greenery and houseplants and here are some of the best ways to do so. Start with Succulents Succulents and mini…

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Tony and Dillon

Team Spotlight – Q & A with Tony & Dillon!

We are thrilled to brag about two of the newest additions to our wonderful team, Tony Yacovetta and Dillon Larson! It has already been an amazing experience working with the two of them and we are looking forward to seeing them grow as Realtors! Learn more about Tony and Dillon from our Q&A's below: Tony Yacovetta Where are you from?…

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Selling Your Home During the Slow Season

Many consider Fall to be the “slow season” for selling your house. Here at BSW Group, we believe the best time to sell your house is always NOW! With just a few small updates and tips you could be a step ahead of the market and put that myth to rest. We’ve got your back and have provided these important…

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